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Welcome to London Bus Routes Zenfolio. We at London Bus Routes Zenfolio are constantly trying to keep the site up to date and as comprehensive as possible with all images possible. We have incorporated UK Buses, Trains and Trams to make the site more interesting for you.

In early December 2005 I decided to open a Fotopic website with my own photographs, many which was taken around my local areas (Bromley and Croydon). The photographs were ordered by operator, for example Arriva London and Metrobus. By May 2006 I thought a few changes were needed and thought of a Fotopic site by London Bus Route Number which nobody else had yet. This took until around mid July to get the site up and running with most routes included and as you can see the site is a major success today. Unfortantly fotopic had suddenly gone offline and it was confirmed a few weeks later that the company had gone into administration. So Our only option was too open up a new website on a different server (Zenfolio). We are adding as many photographs as possible daily!!

I would also personally like to thank everybody that has allowed me to publish their photographs, without them, London Bus Fotopic would not be half what it is today. If you are interested in publishing some photographs to the website please contact us.