London Bus Routes | Photograph Contributions

London Bus Routes Zenfolio Photograph Contributions.

Route 358, Metrobus 217, SN03WMT, Bromley

Ways To Contribute To The Website:

There are a couple of ways to submit photographs to the website regarding which is easiest for you. Please note when sending over photographs please makes sure they are taken on a high quality camera and they are sent over with no image reduction as this does affect the quality of the image.

  • ​Email Them Over at Our Email Address
  • If You Have A Large Collection of photographs you can upload them too our google documents account which holds a couple of GB Of Storage again please email us at quoting google docs submissions.
  • Finally We Also Now Have A Dropbox account if this is an easier way for you to submit please email us at quoting dropxbox submissions.

The Legal Bit- Photographs Should Be Your Own Work as it is illegal to submit someone else's photographs and passing it off as your own. All Photographers that contribute this this website received a credit underneath the photograph and copyright protection is added by disabling the save and right click buttons to stop the theft of photographs although some people do find ways round this.

Personally I would Like To Thank All The Photographers That Have Contributed to the website over the last 7 years, It wouldn't be such a fantastic website without your help with over 33,000 photographs mainly in and around the London area. Here Is A List Of Photographers that have contributed.

Alan Edwards, Alex Brown, Alex Plampin, Andrew Gadsby, Andrew H.A., Andrew Riley, Ben Attwood, Bats About Buses, Bob Stanger, BowRoadUK, Brian Creasey, Brian Kemp, Cameron Butler, Chris Fleetwood, Chris Stanley, Christopher Tongmee, Clive A Brown, Colin Pickett, Dan Broughton, Dave Hooker, David Bosher, David Christie, David Collins, David Ford, David Jones, David McKay, Eamonn Kentell, Eastleighbusman, EY Busman, G Mead, George Reed, Graham Smith, Graham Walker, Howard Pulling, Ian Banks, Jack Marian, James Fullick, Jeff Lloyd, John Delaney, John King, John Parkin, John Upton, Johnathan Bale, Johnzebedee, Joshua Graves, Keith V, Ken Lansdowne, Ken Stansfield, Lawrence Abel, Lawrence Living, Lee Whitehead, Lee Thatcher, Les Eddy, Lloyd Rich, Luke Vjaksa, Malcolm Audsley, Mark Amis, Mark Bowerbank, Mark Carter, Mark Collins, Mark Leonard, Mark McWalter, Mark Pitman, Mark White, Martin Addison, Michael Wadman, Nigel Carroll, Peter Horrex, Philip Hambling, Rhys Daniel, Richard Cains, Richard Covey, Richard Daniell, Richard Grantham, Rob Gibbs, Robert Mighton, Samuel Wong, Simon Bye, Simon Hussey, Simon Roworth,  Steve Cross, Steve Maskell, Steve Thomas, Steve Vallance, Steven Hughes, Swanswell, Taelin Lambert, Terry Partridge and Thomas Drake. (Please Email Us If We Have Forgot Anybody)!