The Metroline Photo Bus Fleet

Welcome To The Metroline Bus Fleet Page. Please select your vehicle type to list information on the bus and to view photographs. If You Do Find Any Gaps In The Photographs and you feel that you can fill them please see our photograph submissions page. All Fleets are created from 2000 onwards.

Current Fleet

Metroline The Garages ALX 400 (TA) East Lancs Olympus (SEL)

Enviro 200 (DE, DEM, DEL, DES) Enviro 400 (TE) Enviro 400H (TEH)

New Bus For London (LT) Plaxton Pointer (DLD,DP) Plaxton President (VP,VPL)

Scania Omnicity (SN) Wright Eclipse Gemini & Gemini 2 (VW) Wright Eclipse Gemini 2 (VWH)
Wright Eclipse Gemini 3 (VWH) Wright Eclipse Gemini 3 Streetdeck  

Withdrawn Fleet

ALX 200 (DA) ALX 400 (TA, TAL) Caetano Nimbus - DC

Dennis Dart - EDR Dennis Dart - DL & DLS Dennis Lance - LN & LLW

Enviro 200 - DE, DEM, DEL, DES Marshall Capital - DML & DMS MCW Fleet

MCW Metrobus - M Plaxton Pointer - DLD & DP Plaxton Pointer - DLF

Plaxton Pointer - DR & DRL Plaxton President (TP,TPL) Plaxton President VP & VPL 

Volvo Olympian - AV    


Photo Credits - Brian Creasey (Route 16, 139 (Marshall) & 210), Eamonn Kentel (Route 52, 90, 186 & E8), Graham Smith (Route 209, H12 & W9), Jack M (Route 90), John Delaney (Route 305), Ken Lansdowne (Route 204), Lawrence Living (Route 7), Mark Collins (Route 297), Mark Pitman (Route 7), Peter Horrex (Route W8), Philip Hambling (Route 143)

Slideshow Credits - Alex Nevin-Tylee (Route 24), George Reed (Routes 52, 82), Jack M (Routes 90, C11), Lawrence Living (Route 7), Mark Collins (Route 297)

All Other Photographs are taken by the London Bus Routes Zenfolio Team.