Tower Transit

Wright Pulsar Fleet


Route RV1, Tower Transit, WSH62996, LJ13JWP, Waterloo BridgeRoute RV1, Tower Transit, WSH62996, LJ13JWP, Waterloo BridgeTaken By Jack Marian

All Vehicles were previously owned by First. No Changes to the fleet numbers

Fleet Info Registration Garage Photographs
WSH62991 LK60 HPE Lea Interchange LI WSH62991 Photos
WSH62992 LK60 HPF Withdrawn WSH62992 Photos
WSH62993 LK60 HPJ Lea Interchange LI WSH62993 Photos
WSH62994 LK60 HPL Lea Interchange LI WSH62994 Photos
WSH62995 LK60 HPN Lea Interchange LI WSH62995 Photos
WSH62996 LJ13 JWP Lea Interchange LI WSH62996 Photos
WSH62997 LF63 XZU Lea Interchange LI WSH62997 Photos
WSH62998 LJ13 JZO Lea Interchange LI WSH62998 Photos

Last Updated 26th April 2020