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Welcome to London Bus Routes Zenfolio, I hope you enjoy viewing the website, which was previously on Fotopic and founded in December 2005. The site now has over 40,000 photographs to view mainly from the London Bus Route Network From when routes began to present day. One of our newest features is the London Bus Photo Fleet Lists which are dating back to 2000. I would also like to thank everyone that has contributed to the site over the last 10 years to make it a great success. If you feel that you could help us in anyway with photographs or suggestions please contact us.

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Metroline (Comfort Delgro): 1988 - Present

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Modified 11-Jul-18
Metroline (Comfort Delgro): 1988 - Present

Stagecoach London: 2010 - Present

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Modified 11-Jul-18
Stagecoach London: 2010 - Present

Route 207: Hayes By-Pass - White City

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Modified 11-Jul-18
Route 207: Hayes By-Pass - White City

Route 228: Central Middlesex Hospital - Maida Hill, The Chippenham

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Modified 30-Jun-18
Route 228: Central Middlesex Hospital - Maida Hill, The Chippenham

Route 304: Custom House - Manor Park

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Modified 30-Jun-18

Route N277: Crossharbour - Highbury Corner

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Modified 30-Jun-18

Latest Photos April 2018

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Modified 20-Apr-18
Latest Photos April 2018

Route 246: Bromley North - Westerham/Chartwell

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Modified 20-Apr-18
Route 246: Bromley North - Westerham/Chartwell

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Guestbook for London Bus Routes
Gideon Naumenko(non-registered)
Hi there,
My Name is Gideon and I am 14. I love buses and I really love your website a lot!! I visit it daily.
Recently I saw you had a few details wrong, so I just wanted to let you know so that you can update your information.
I apologize in advance for a bit of jumble in what I write.
First, Abellio London ALX 400s are all withdrawn whilst your website says that some of them are still current.
All the Abellio London Wright Eclipse Geminis live at Walworth (WL) garage.
Transfer all current and withdrawn buses from Quality Line to The RATP group fleet, because all Quality Line vehicles became part of London United and London Sovereign.
249 is now operated by Arriva London and garage is Norwood (N),
S4 is now operated by Abellio London and the garage is Beddington (BC).
Add withdrawn RATP group Plaxton Pointers to the RATP fleet,
The Quality Line Mercedes Benz Citaros MCL1-MCL18 are withdrawn, because X26 changed to Metrobus
The following buses are withdrawn already (are still listed as current on your website):
- East Lancs Esteems SD52 and SD53 are withdrawn including Enviro 200 SD54 because S3 has new Enviro 200 MMCs.
- The RATP group East Lancs Myllenniums are withdrawn but your website says they’re current,
- Open up the withdrawn CT plus fleet, Scania Omnicity (SD) are withdrawn,
- East Lancs Esteems (DE) are withdrawn,
- Caetano Nimbus (DCS) are withdrawn,
- Move the Withdrawn CT Plus Plaxton Presidents (HTP) to the withdrawn fleet and
- The East Lancs Myllenniums (HTL) are withdrawn,
- Optare Olympus EO1 is withdrawn.
Remove (DWS) Wright Cadet title off the current fleet of Wright Cadet.
Add Wright Streetlite (SLS) to the current fleet of Arriva London because they are allocated to 410 and 450
And put more Wright Streetdecks (HV) on the current fleet,
Delete DPK Plaxton Pointers off the current fleet of RATP group,
The 5 Abellio London Plaxton Pointers 8473-8477 are withdrawn because 455 changed company.
The Abellio London Caetano Nimbus's live at Hayes (WS) garage.
Move some of the withdrawn MEC Citaros to the withdrawn fleet of Go Ahead London.
And the London Transport companies to the other London fleets.
Plaxton Pointer 34370 in Stagecoach London is withdrawn.
Add East Lancs Sprytes onto the withdrawn fleet of Abellio London.
And change the name from "Withdrawn Abellio London,Travel London and Connex vehicles" to "Withdrawn fleet"
Add every withdrawn buses to the fleet.
And add the Irizar EI1 and EI2 to the fleet including the Alexander Dennis Enviro 200 MMC EVs (SEe) and BYD Electrics (EB) to the current fleet of Go Ahead London.
Some of the Optare Versas from Stagecoach London are withdrawn so can you move them to the withdrawn fleet.
Plaxton Pointer LDP200 is current so put it back to the current fleet.
409 is operated by Southdown PSV.
Can you please put back the non TFL buses and rallies, trams and trains to Zenfolio.
Can you please put new buses as the presentation slide of Zenfolio.
Also can you please put 565, 571 and 572 as temporary shuttles please?
Can you please put the Metroline MCV Evolutions (DM) back on the current fleet? And put DM964 on the withdrawn fleet.
Can you put the London Transport company on the London operator changes? And 3 CT plus Plaxton Pointers DP1, DPS2 and DPS4 are withdrawn.
And can you please put the brand new RATP group badges on the (VLP) Plaxton President fleet. The London United Plaxton Presidents are withdrawn.
And can you please remove The Wright Cadet (DWL) off the current fleet of Go Ahead London and The Metrobus Optare Solos. And move the Scania Omnidekkas (SO) to the withdrawn fleet please.
And add the withdrawn Stagecoach London and Metroline Optare Tempos back to their fleets and add the withdrawn Arriva Kent Thameside Plaxton Pointers and Wright Cadets to their fleet. Can you please put "Withdrawn East Lancs Myllennium fleet ELS"?
Can you please move the withdrawn Go Ahead London Wright Streetlites to the withdrawn fleet.
Can you separate the New Routemasters onto their correct fleets please? One Wright Eclipse Gemini on Abellio London is withdrawn. Can you add the Routemasters to the withdrawn fleets please? Can you please delete VWL off the current fleet of Go Ahead London.
Can you please find a good profile photo for the Enviro 400 MMC (EH) fleet please.
Can you please add all the First London vehicles to random bus fleets like Tower Transit, Metroline and Go Ahead London. But put them on some company fleets and can you add (EN and VE) on the Enviro 400 fleets.
Can you let me know if buses get withdrawn when they're fire damaged?
Back to website, can you please put SEN on the Enviro 200 fleet. Can you put Enviro 200 MMCs and Enviro 400 MMCs on the Sullivan Buses fleet and put more WVLs on the Sullivan buses fleet. And the 9 Plaxton Pointers 34551-34559 are withdrawn and put all non TFL companies on here and put the Abellio London Enviro 400 MMC 2400 on the withdrawn and finally the East Lancs Lolynes. Please update Zenfolio more often because you've confused me 100 percent.
Add all withdrawn demonstrator buses to the withdrawn fleet
Hey again I forgot to type the last few changes.
There is a new CT plus garage called Walthamstow Avenue (AW)
The 10 Arriva London Plaxton Pointers PDL99-PDL135 are withdrawn.
Can you find a Tower Transit picture for the Wright Eclipse Gemini 2 fleet please?
Can you separate the Metroline Wright Eclipse Geminis and Gemini 2s please?
Can you make the CT plus fleet and Sullivan Buses fleet like the other bus fleets so they can match?
Can you add the New Routemasters to the Abellio London fleets?
Can you add the SRMs (VHR) to the RATP group fleet please?
Can you add the withdrawn Blue Triangle East Lancs Lolynes (TL & DL) to the withdrawn fleet of Go Ahead London including the Plaxton Presidents (TPL)
Some of the (WVN) Wright Eclipse Gemini 2s live at River Road (RR) and Orpington (MB) as logistical spares.
Can you put the last photographs of 2017 on Zenfolio like you do every year.
Can you put the correct dates on the pictures because some of them have the wrong dates?
Can you put more Alexander Dennis Enviro 400 MMCs (EH) on the fleet?
Can you add the Stagecoach London Leyland Titans, Leyland Olympians, Dennis Lances, Optare Deltas and Plaxton Pointer darts on please?
Stagecoach London 34551-34559 are withdrawn because I saw Plaxton Pointer 34552 at Brooklands Museum last month
Can you separate the (VA) Volvo Olympians and ALX 400s on the RATP group fleet put withdrawn Quality Line fleet.
Add the RATP group Optare Metrocitys (OCE) and Arriva London Optare Metrocitys (EMC)
Wright Eclipse Gemini 2 WVL345 lives at River Road (RR) garage
And please add Optare Metrocity OML1 to the RATP group fleet?
Please add more Go Ahead London Wright Streetlites (WS) to the fleet?
And more Sullivan Buses please to their fleet.
Thank you for your wonderful website.
Gideon (with a little proofreading from dad)
Like that photos! My place! :)
This blog interested me :)
I'll be here more often, definitely :)
Terry Swoffer(non-registered)
Thank you so much for sharing such a great selection of photoographs, especially the London Country ones. I worked for that company in various roles and have many memories, generally good!