London Bus Routes | Arriva In London Optare Solo (OS)

Arriva In London (Southern Counties) Optare Solo Fleet

Route H2, Arriva The Shires 2470, YJ06YRSRoute H2, Arriva The Shires 2470, YJ06YRSTaken By Bernard F

Fleet Info Registration Garage Photographs
OS68 (2468) YJ06 YRP Watford GR OS68 Photos
OS69 (2469) YJ06 YRR Watford GR OS69 Photos
OS70 (2470) YJ06 YRS Watford GR OS70 Photos
OS71 (2471) YJ06 YRT Watford GR OS71 Photos
OS72 (2472) YJ06 YRU Watford GR OS72 Photos

Last Updated 12th August 2017

Photograph Above Taken By Bernard F