Arriva In London

Wright Streetlite (SLS)

Route 410, Arriva London, SLS29, SK17HJV, CroydonRoute 410, Arriva London, SLS29, SK17HJV, CroydonTaken By Adam Murray

The Wright Streetlite's are allocated to route 410 (Allocated at Thornton Heath Garage) and 450 (Which operates From Norwood Garage and is the only single deck route situated at the garage.

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Fleet Info Registration Garage
SLS1 LK66 AMO Norwood N
SLS2 LK66 AMU Norwood N
SLS3 LK66 AMV Norwood N
SLS4 LK66 AMX Norwood N
SLS5 LK66 ANF Norwood N
SLS6 LK66 ANP Norwood N
SLS7 LK66 ANR Norwood N
SLS8 LK66 ANU Norwood N
SLS9 LK66 ANV Norwood N
SLS10 LK66 ANX Norwood N
SLS11 LK66 AOA Norwood N
SLS12 LK66 AOB Norwood N
SLS13 LK66 AOC Norwood N
SLS14 LK66 AOD Norwood N
SLS15 LK66 AOE Norwood N
SLS16 LK66 AOF Norwood N
SLS17 LK66 AOG Norwood N
SLS18 LK66 AOH Norwood N
SLS19 LK66 AOJ Norwood N
SLS20 LK66 AOL Norwood N
SLS21 LK66 AOM Norwood N
SLS22 LK66 AON Norwood N
SLS23 SK17 HJF Norwood N
SLS24 SK17 HJG Thornton Heath TH
SLS25 SK17 HJJ Thornton Heath TH
SLS26 SK17 HJN Thornton Heath TH
SLS27 SK17 HJO Thornton Heath TH
SLS28 SK17 HJU Thornton Heath TH
SLS29 SK17 HJV Thornton Heath TH
SLS30 SK17 HJX Thornton Heath TH

Last Updated 27th April 2020