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ADL Enviro 200 Fleet


Click on a Fleet Number to view Photographs. All Fleet was acquired from Transdev

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Route H11, London Sovereign RATP, DE75, YX11FZB, PinnerRoute H11, London Sovereign RATP, DE75, YX11FZB, PinnerTaken By Lawrence Living

All Fleet was acquired from Transdev in 2014 and also share the same fleet number with another bus

Fleet No. Old Fleet Info. Registration Garage
DE20157 DE57 YX11 GBE Edgware BT
DE20158 DE58 YX11 GBF Edgware BT
DE20159 DE59 YX11 GBO Edgware BT
DE20160 DE60 YX11 GBU Edgware BT
DE20161 DE61 YX11 GBV Edgware BT
DE20162 DE62 YX11 GBY Edgware BT
DE20163 DE63 YX11 GBZ Edgware BT
DE20164 DE64 YX11 GCF Edgware BT
DE20165 DE65 YX11 GCK Edgware BT
DE20166 DE66 YX11 GCO Edgware BT
DE20167 DE67 YX11 GCU Edgware BT
DE20168 DE68 YX11 GCV Edgware BT
DE20169 DE69 YX11 GCY Edgware BT
DE20170 DE70 YX11 GCZ Edgware BT
DE20171 DE71 YX11 GDA Shepherd's Bush S
DE20172 DE72 YX11 GDE Shepherd's Bush S
DE20173 DE73 YX11 GDF Shepherd's Bush S
DE20174 DE74 YX11 FZA Shepherd's Bush S
DE20175 DE75 YX11 FZB Shepherd's Bush S
DE20176 DE76 YX11 FZC Shepherd's Bush S
DE20177 DE77 YX11 FZD Shepherd's Bush S
DE20178 DE78 YX11 FZE Shepherd's Bush S
DE20179 DE79 YX11 FZF Shepherd's Bush S
DE20180 DE80 YX11 FZG Shepherd's Bush S
DE20181 DE81 YX11 FZH Harrow SO
DE20182 DE82 YX11 FZJ Shepherd's Bush S
DE20183 DE83 YX11 FZK Shepherd's Bush S
DE20184 DE84 YX11 FZL Shepherd's Bush S
DE20185 DE85 YX11 FZM Shepherd's Bush S
DE20186 DE86 YX11 FZN Harrow SO
DE20187 DE87 YX11 FZO Harrow SO
DE20188 DE88 YX11 FZP Harrow SO
DE20189 DE89 YX11 FZR Harrow SO
DE20190 DE90 YX11 FZS Harrow SO
DE20191 DE91 YX11 FZT Harrow SO
DE20192 DE92 YX11 FZU Harrow SO
DE20193 DE93 YX11 FZV Harrow SO
DE20194 DE94 YX11 FZW Harrow SO
DE20195 DE95 YX11 FZY Harrow SO
DE20196 DE96 YX11 FZZ Harrow SO
DE20197 DE97 YX11 COH Harrow SO
DE20198 DE98 YX11 COJ Harrow SO
DE20199 DE99 YX11 CNJ Harrow SO



Fleet No. Old Fleet No. Registration Garage
DLE30001 DLE1 SN60 EAX Hounslow AV
DLE30002 DLE2 SN60 EAY Hounslow AV
DLE30003 DLE3 SN60 EBA Hounslow AV
DLE30004 DLE4 SN60 EBC Hounslow AV
DLE30005 DLE5 SN60 EBD Hounslow AV
DLE30006 DLE6 SN60 EBF Hounslow AV
DLE30007 DLE7 SN60 EBG Hounslow AV
DLE30008 DLE8 SN60 EBJ Hounslow AV
DLE30009 DLE9 SN60 EBK Hounslow AV
DLE30010 DLE10 SN60 EBL Hounslow AV
DLE30011 DLE11 SN60 EBM Hounslow AV
DLE30012 DLE12 SN60 EBO Hounslow AV
DLE30013 DLE13 SN60 EBP Hounslow AV
DLE30014 DLE14 SN60 EBU Harrow SO
DLE30015 DLE15 SN60 EBV Harrow SO
DLE30016 DLE16 SN60 EBX Harrow SO
DLE30017 DLE17 SN60 EBZ Harrow SO
DLE30018 DLE18 SN60 ECA Harrow SO
DLE30019 DLE19 SN60 ECC Hounslow AV
DLE30020 DLE20 SN60 ECD Hounslow AV
DLE30021 DLE21 SN60 ECE Hounslow AV
DLE30022 DLE22 SN60 ECF Hounslow AV
DLE30023 DLE23 SN60 ECJ Hounslow AV
DLE30024 DLE24 SN60 ECT Fulwell FW
DLE30025 DLE25 SN60 ECV Stamford Brook V
DLE30026 DLE26 LK64 CZZ Tolworth TV


Fleet No. Old Fleet No. Registration Garage
SDE20201 SDE1 YX08 MFO Withdrawn
SDE20202 SDE2 YX08 MDV Withdrawn
SDE20203 SDE3 YX08 MDY Withdrawn
SDE20204 SDE4 YX08 MDZ Withdrawn
SDE20205 SDE5 YX08 MFN Withdrawn
SDE20206 SDE6 YX08 MEU Withdrawn
SDE20207 SDE7 YX08 MEV Withdrawn
SDE20208 SDE8 YX08 MFA Withdrawn
SDE20209 SDE9 YX08 MHM Withdrawn
SDE20210 SDE10 YX08 MFK Withdrawn
SDE20211 SDE11 SK07 HLM Withdrawn
SDE20214 SDE14 SK07 HLP Withdrawn
SDE20241 SD55 YY64 TXB Epsom EB
SDE20242 SD56 YY64 TXC Epsom EB
SDE20243 SD57 YY64 TXD Epsom EB
SDE20244 SD58 YY64 TXE Epsom EB
SDE20245 SD59 YY64 TXF Epsom EB
SDE20246 SD60 YY64 TXG Epsom EB
Last Updated 26th April 2020
Photo Credit (Lawrence Living)