Go Ahead London

Withdrawn Leyland National Fleet


Route 501, London General, GLS460, GUW460WRoute 501, London General, GLS460, GUW460WTaken By Eamonn Kentell (eamonnsphotos.smugmug.com)

Leyland National's Were allocated to Red Arrow Routes 501, 502, 503, 505, 506, 507, 509, 510, 511 and 521

Fleet No. Registration Photographs
GLS438 GUW 438W GLS438 Photos
GLS439 GUW 439W GLS439 Photos
GLS440 GUW 440W GLS440 Photos
GLS442 GUW 442W GLS442 Photos
GLS443 WLT 843 GLS443 Photos
GLS446 GUW 446W GLS446 Photos
GLS448 WLT 648 GLS448 Photos
GLS449 GUW 449W GLS449 Photos
GLS450 GUW 450W GLS450 Photos
GLS452 GUW 452W GLS452 Photos
GLS455 GUW 455W GLS455 Photos
GLS459 GUW 459W GLS459 Photos
GLS460 GUW 460W GLS460 Photos
GLS463 WLT 463 GLS463 Photos
GLS466 GUW 466W GLS466 Photos
GLS467 WLT 467 GLS467 Photos
GLS468 GUW 468W GLS468 Photos
GLS469 GUW 469W GLS469 Photos
GLS471 GUW 471W GLS471 Photos
GLS473 GUW 473W GLS473 Photos
GLS474 GUW 474W GLS474 Photos
GLS476 GUW 476W GLS476 Photos
GLS477 GUW 477W GLS477 Photos
GLS478 GUW 478W GLS478 Photos
GLS479 GUW 479W GLS479 Photos
GLS480 VLT 180 GLS480 Photos
GLS481 GUW 481W GLS481 Photos
GLS483 83 CLT GLS483 Photos
GLS486 186 CLT GLS486 Photos
GLS487 WLT 487 GLS487 Photos
GLS490 GUW 490W GLS490 Photos
GLS491 GUW 491W GLS491 Photos
GLS492 GUW 492W GLS492 Photos
GLS493 GUW 493W GLS493 Photos
GLS496 WLT 696 GLS496 Photos
GLS498 WLT 598 GLS498 Photos
GLS499 GUW 499W GLS499 Photos
GLS500 GUW 500W GLS500 Photos
GLS501 GUW 501W GLS501 Photos
GLS502 GUW 502W GLS502 Photos
GLS505 GUW 505W GLS505 Photos
GLS506 GUW 506W GLS506 Photos

Photo Credit - Eamonn Kentell