Go Ahead London

Withdrawn Mercedes Citaro Artic Fleet


Route 12, London Central, MAL74, BX54UDBRoute 12, London Central, MAL74, BX54UDBTaken By Eamonn Kentell (eamonnsphotos.smugmug.com)

Bendy Buses were allocated to routes 12, 436, 453, 507 and 521

Fleet No. Registration Photographs
MAL1 BX02 YZE MAL1 Photos
MAL2 BX02 YZG MAL2 Photos
MAL3 BX02 YZH MAL3 Photos
MAL4 BX02 YZJ MAL4 Photos
MAL5 BX02 YZK MAL5 Photos
MAL6 BX02 YZL MAL6 Photos
MAL7 BX02 YZM MAL7 Photos
MAL8 BX02 YZN MAL8 Photos
MAL9 BX02 YZO MAL9 Photos
MAL10 BX02 YZP MAL10 Photos
MAL11 BX02 YYS MAL11 Photos
MAL12 BX02 YYT MAL12 Photos
MAL13 BX02 YYU MAL13 Photos
MAL14 BX02 YYV MAL14 Photos
MAL15 BX02 YYZ MAL15 Photos
MAL16 BX02 YYW MAL16 Photos
MAL17 BX02 YZA MAL17 Photos
MAL18 BX02 YZB MAL18 Photos
MAL19 BX02 YZC MAL19 Photos
MAL20 BX02 YZD MAL20 Photos
MAL21 BX02 YYJ MAL21 Photos
MAL22 BX02 YYK MAL22 Photos
MAL23 BX02 YYL MAL23 Photos
MAL24 BX02 YYM MAL24 Photos
MAL25 BX02 YYN MAL25 Photos
MAL26 BX02 YYO MAL26 Photos
MAL27 BX02 YYP MAL27 Photos
MAL28 BX02 YYR MAL28 Photos
MAL29 BX02 YZR MAL29 Photos
MAL30 BX02 YZS MAL30 Photos
MAL31 BX02 YZT MAL31 Photos
MAL32 BN52 GWC MAL32 Photos
MAL33 BN52 GWD MAL33 Photos
MAL34 BN52 GWE MAL34 Photos
MAL35 BN52 GVU MAL35 Photos
MAL36 BD52 LNN MAL36 Photos
MAL36 BX04 NBD MAL36 Photos
MAL37 BD52 LNO MAL37 Photos
MAL38 BD52 LNP MAL38 Photos
MAL39 BD52 LNR MAL39 Photos
MAL40 BD52 LNT MAL40 Photos
MAL41 BD52 LNU MAL41 Photos
MAL42 BD52 LMU MAL42 Photos
MAL43 BD52 LMV MAL43 Photos
MAL44 BD52 LMX MAL44 Photos
MAL45 BD52 LMY MAL45 Photos
MAL46 BD52 LNA MAL46 Photos
MAL47 BD52 LNC MAL47 Photos
MAL48 BD52 LNE MAL48 Photos
MAL49 BD52 LNF MAL49 Photos
MAL50 BD52 LNG MAL50 Photos
MAL51 BD52 LNH MAL51 Photos
MAL51 BU04 EZK MAL51 Photos
MAL52 BD52 LMO MAL52 Photos
MAL53 BL52 ODK MAL53 Photos
MAL54 BL52 ODM MAL54 Photos
MAL55 BL52 ODN MAL55 Photos
MAL56 BL52 ODP MAL56 Photos
MAL57 BL52 ODR MAL57 Photos
MAL58 BL52 ODS MAL58 Photos
MAL58 BU04 UTM MAL58 Photos
MAL59 BL52 ODT MAL59 Photos
MAL60 BL52 ODU MAL60 Photos
MAL61 BL52 ODV MAL61 Photos
MAL62 BX54 EFC MAL62 Photos
MAL63 BX54 EFD MAL63 Photos
MAL64 BX54 UCM MAL64 Photos
MAL65 BX54 UCN MAL65 Photos
MAL66 BX54 UCO MAL66 Photos
MAL67 BX54 UCP MAL67 Photos
MAL68 BX54 UCR MAL68 Photos
MAL69 BX54 UCT MAL69 Photos
MAL70 BX54 UCU MAL70 Photos
MAL71 BX54 UCV MAL71 Photos
MAL72 BX54 UCW MAL72 Photos
MAL73 BX54 UCZ MAL73 Photos
MAL74 BX54 UDB MAL74 Photos
MAL75 BX54 UDD MAL75 Photos
MAL76 BX54 UDE MAL76 Photos
MAL77 BX54 UDG MAL77 Photos
MAL78 BX54 UDH MAL78 Photos
MAL79 BX54 UDJ MAL79 Photos
MAL80 BX54 UDK MAL80 Photos
MAL81 BX54 UDL MAL81 Photos
MAL82 BX54 UDM MAL82 Photos
MAL83 BX54 UDN MAL83 Photos
MAL84 BX54 UDO MAL84 Photos
MAL85 BX54 UDP MAL85 Photos
MAL86 BX54 UDT MAL86 Photos
MAL87 BX54 UDU MAL87 Photos
MAL88 BX54 UDV MAL88 Photos
MAL89 BX54 UDW MAL89 Photos
MAL90 BX54 UDY MAL90 Photos
MAL91 BX54 UDZ MAL91 Photos
MAL92 BX54 UEA MAL92 Photos
MAL93 BX54 UEB MAL93 Photos
MAL94 BX54 EFB MAL94 Photos
MAL95 BD57 WCY MAL95 Photos
MAL96 BD57 WCZ MAL96 Photos
MAL97 BD57 WDA MAL97 Photos
MAL98 BD57 WDC MAL98 Photos
MAL99 BD57 WDE MAL99 Photos
MAL100 BD57 WDK MAL100 Photos
MAL101 BD57 WDL MAL101 Photos
MAL102 BD57 WDM MAL102 Photos
MAL103 BD57 WDN MAL103 Photos
MAL104 BD57 WDP MAL104 Photos
MAL105 BD57 WDR MAL105 Photos
MAL106 BD57 WDS MAL106 Photos
MAL107 BD57 WDT MAL107 Photos
MAL108 BL57 OXJ MAL108 Photos
MAL109 BL57 OXK MAL109 Photos
MAL110 BL57 OXM MAL110 Photos
MAL111 BL57 OXN MAL111 Photos
MAL112 BL57 OXP MAL112 Photos
MAL113 BP57 UYE MAL113 Photos
MAL114 BP57 UYF MAL114 Photos
MAL115 BP57 UYG MAL115 Photos
MAL116 BP57 UYH MAL116 Photos
MAL117 BP57 UYJ MAL117 Photos
MAL118 BP57 UYK MAL118 Photos
MAL119 BP57 UYL MAL119 Photos
MAL120 LX03 HDV MAL120 Photos Former STG: 23020

STG = Stagecoach

Photo Credit - Eamonn Kentell